First Nations Training & Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building

Synterra Security Solutions LP was formed to build and expand a viable First Nations premium security service.  Acheiving the goals of building community capacity and creating local career opportunities are accomplished by offering communities our own in-house security career training programs as outlined below.

Security Guard and Private Investigator Training Services

Our partner, Canadian Security Management (CSM), is a Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services listed Training Entity. As such, we offer the Training Curriculum for Security Guards and Private Investigators on a fee based system at regular intervals throughout the year. This course is led by a CSM Instructor and concentrates on the mandatory points suggested in the Ministry’s Training Modules to enable the candidates to write the Provincial Mandatory Tests to obtain their individual security and investigator licenses. (See Module Overview Below).

Please contact us for course dates and prices.

NOTE: Full CPR and First Aid Courses are included in the Security Officer Segment as opposed to the Basic Emergency First Aid required to be licensed.


  • Resource/Asset Protection

  • Conduct remote surveillance of premises

  • Conduct in-person surveillance of premises

  • Detain suspect without physical contact

Emergency Response

  • Monitor alarm and determine need for response and follow-up

  • Respond to emergency alarm

  • Communicate details of incident

  • Isolate emergency scene

  • Manage emergency situation

Dealing with other personnel in the company

  • Perform in-company security duties directed to individuals


  • Provide documentation on events and incidents

  • Prepare and maintain routine administrative records

Access Control

  • Provide site access

  • Monitor and control movement within site/premises

  • Control egress/exit of person(s)

Assistance to the general public

  • Provide assistance to the general public (e.g., with directions to motorists, lost child, persons with disabilities)

Collect, Verify and Communicate Information

  • Obtain and determine type of assignment